Drone Security

Protect military installations, critical establishments, government buildings and sensitive areas from all drone classes.

Comprehensive, networked drone security that can protect against areas upto 4000 sq.kms

12 modular technologies

Indrajaal stitches 12 proprietary technologies, which can be used in combinations with each other depending on the need

Networked architecture

Indrajaal’s hive-like network is modular, and repeatable over areas upto 4000 sq.kms

Protects against all drone classifications

Indrajaal counters all sizes of drones, from nano to large; and all levels of autonomous drones

Wide range of application

Indrajaal is a modular solution that protects military installations, critical industries, moving targets like convoys and large areas like the border


We use AI to analyse threats, and suggest mitigative actions. Indrajaal also uses AI to continuously learn and evolve against changing threats.

Built with decades of R&D

Indrajaal was built with the combined 15-year expertise of Grene Robotics, and three decades of expertise in radar and airspace management by ex-Airforce personnel

Witness Indrajaal in Action

Visit our 70-acre test facility in Hyderabad for a demo or book an online demo

Indrajaal is the world’s only anti-drone system that can defend against all classifications and all levels of autonomous drones.

12 technologies. 1 autonomous solution.

We’ve stitched together 12 Indrajaal proprietary modular technologies that can be used separately, or in combination with each other to form an autonomous drone security solution


Patented autonomous resource planning engine


Unified Command and Control engine


AI Computer that can plan and execute missions

Zombee™ Drone

Level 5 autonomous drones that can kill threats

SkyCop™ Drone

Level 5 autonomous drone that can monitor threats

Brig™ Device

Edge AI smart data and control device


High-speed wireless mesh network covering upto 4000 sq. km


Uses a tractor beam to jam and control drones


Uses machine vision to identify threats


A potent mix of sensing technologies


Make existing weapons autonomous by integrating them


Unified real time Command and Control interface

5-step fully autonomous process that keeps you safe

Why Indrajaal

Traditional systems can’t keep up with modern threats

Low RCS missiles

These aren’t detectable by traditional active radars

Autonomous UAVs

The pilot-less drones is the modern weapon of choice of weapon because there’s no human cost.

Swarm drones

When multiple drones attack, serial engagement systems don’t work. Only one has to get through to cause havoc.

Smart munitions

Precision-guided munitions, equipped with infrared and lasers are designed to seek out specific targets.

Indrajaal is a networked, modular solution that counters the limitations of traditional systems

Traditional Systems

Point defence system

Can intercept and neutralise threats of a smaller area, and only in close proximity

Only active RF detection

Active RF detection can’t detect low RCS missiles or drones operating in silent/stealth mode

Stand alone identification

Lack of centralized coordination results in missed opportunities for comprehensive threat assessment

Serial engagement

Potentially slower response times; not effective against drone swarms


Wide area defence

Wide-area mesh network and modular architecture help protect a wide area

Multi spectral detection

Acoustic sensors, active RF, passive RF, ESM, EO, thermal sensors can detect all classes of drones

Central identification

24*7 autonomous monitoring through an integrated system enables autonomous, coordinated responses

Parallel engagement

Combination of counter drones, existing weapon integration, frequency jammers, etc, combine to enable quick response times against multiple parallel threats

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Grene Robotics

We Deliver Autonomic Systems.

As organizations grow, traditional manual management cannot scale at the same rate. Autonomic systems are self-managing physical or software systems that learn from their environments. But unlike autonomous or automated systems, they can dynamically modify their own algorithm with no software updates. This allows rapid responses to change, enabling management at scale of complex environments.

We started Grene Robotics in 2008 to bring people, process, things and data into one unified platform that can be managed by an AI CEO. Our platform has replaced Salesforce, SAP and Oracle on multiple occasions.

We ventured into the defence space in 2021 with Indrajaal, the world’s first autonomous drone defence dome. 

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